The lawsuit alleges Baram said he first needed to send Nygard nude pictures of her and instructed her to take off her clothes "for an upcoming bikini photo shoot in the Bahamas.". Nygard received a City of New York citation in 2013 for illegally converting that part of the building into a private residence with a jacuzzi and disco room, according to the lawsuit. the store is organized, clean and up to date with fashion trends. The comments below have been moderated in advance. Peter Nygard lived in the Bahamas at Nygard Cay for 40 years before returning to Canada in 2019. The updated story reflects the fact the lawsuits allege the defendants conspired. The allegations are outlined in the lawsuit. EXCLUSIVE: Student rugby player, 25, falls from roof and dies in freak accident just days after signing his... Jesy Nelson unfollows Little Mix manager hours after announcing she had quit the group for the sake of her... Jeff Brazier reveals tradition of visiting Jade Goody's grave with their sons every Christmas morning so as... Last orders before Christmas! Ten women say they were raped by the mogul at the compound. Clothing prices are not like forever 21, since the quality of fabric is much nicer. Does London REALLY need to be in Tier Three? Peter Nygard is Chairman of Nygård International a fashion company based in Canada. Like, I was a kid and I'm like, this is how celebrities live and now I'm going to be like one," said Jane Doe. Photo by Peter Nygård Global The arrest warrant comes just months after Nygard’s estate was seized by the … "Baram sent the nude photographs to Nygard and, once Nygard approved, told Jane Doe that she was 'in luck' because Nygard wanted to 'meet her,'" said the lawsuit. ", Medeiros has not filed a statement of defence. PICTURES have emerged showing Prince Andrew's millionaire friend Peter Nygard surrounded by bikini-clad women at a Bahamas estate where he is … Peter J. Nygård (né Pekka Juhani Nygård; born July 24, 1941) is a Finnish-Canadian former fashion executive. ', Although there is a 10-year statute of limitations for cases like such as this under New York law. The pictures emerged days after Nygard, 78, was accused of plying teenage girls with drugs and alcohol at the property before sexually assaulting them. Sean Connery's House (Google Maps). Louis Bacon is a buttoned-up hedge-fund king, whose passion is conservation. Businessman Peter Nygard arrives at Norby Walters' 26th Annual Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 28, 2016, in … Other luxuries include a tennis court, 5 jacuzzi, 2 volleyball courts, a 24 seat movie … The man himself, Sean Connery, best known for portraying the character James Bond owns this property in the private gated community of Lyford Cay. The lawsuit said Medeiros "lived in Nygard's Marina Del Ray compound for at least five years, received significant cash, salary, jewelery, plastic surgery, stem cell injections and cars in exchange for trafficking victims, including Jane Doe, to Nygard. The prince and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson stayed at Nygard Cay, near Nassau, with daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. This isn't the first time allegations have been made about co-conspirators and recruiters. "Although Baram purports to run a talent agency for models and actresses, he is a 'self-proclaimed pimp,'" the lawsuit said. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson reportedly visited the home around June 2000. Bush, The Mayan-inspired property boasts a 32,000-sq-ft grand hall with a 100,000lb glass ceiling, 12 themed cabanas, an aquarium, helipad and casino, A spokesperson for Nygard told the New York Post that the lawsuit was 'the latest in a 10+ year string of attempts to try to destroy the reputation of a man through false statements.'. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A previous version of this story said the lawsuits filed in the U.S. allege the plaintiffs conspired to provide Nygard "with a steady pool of victims." She's so beautiful. When suspicions were raised by local authorities in the Bahamas, it's alleged Nygard would get away with such behavior by offering everyone from cops to government officials bribes for them to turn a blind eye. "I can't breathe. Ten women filed a class-action lawsuit against Nygard (pictured in 2016) last Thursday, which claims that he ran a 'sex-trafficking ring' at the island home. The lawsuit alleges he lured underage girls and women to the parties by promising them, among other things, lucrative modelling opportunities. The new images, published by the U.K.’s Daily Mail after 10 women accused Nygard … The lawsuit said when the encounter with Nygard and Jane Doe was over, Baram took her back to his apartment to sleep on his couch, but she woke up in the middle of the night to Baram groping her. ', Nygard purchased his 150,000-square-foot beachfront mansion on the Lyford Cay peninsula in New Providence, Bahamas, in 1987, The property was once featured on the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Nygard’s home in Lyford Cay, Bahamas, featured fake volcanos spouting dry ice, an underground cave housing 30 cars and an indoor pool with glass through the … It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. The Scottish actor is widely known for his distinct accent, man’s man persona, and graceful aging. The mansion is located in the exclusive Lyford Cay neighbourhood on the Bahamanian island of New Providence, and features 12 … The woman is seeking damages under the U.S. federal sex trafficking statute. Visit Dillard's to find clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics & more. Winnipeg-raised fashion mogul Peter Nygard found himself locked out of his luxury home in the Bahamas on Friday. WATCH | Peter Nygard at one of his parties at his California home in a video posted to Facebook in 2018: "It's about accountability," said New York lawyer Greg Gutzler, who represents the women in the class action, and the Jane Doe lawsuits. Her first business meeting was with Baram in his apartment, where he told her about "a very important friend in the fashion business, Nygard," he could introduce her to. Email:, Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Several A-listers are said to have visited Nygard Cay over the years - including Sean Connery, Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro, former President George H.W. Her identity is protected and she is only known as Jane Doe in court documents. Nygard then asked her to use a sex toy on him, after which he raped her, 'causing her extraordinary trauma and pain', the suit states. The accusers, who were not named but are now between the ages of 18 and 36, detailed their alleged encounters with Nygard in the chilling suit. The filing asks for the Manhattan court to prohibit Nygard from engaging in unlawful acts, and for 'damages in an amount to be determined at trial.'. Peter Nygard's private island in Bahamas (Google Maps) Peter Nygard's private island. In 2010, when she was 18, she saw Medeiros in a Chris Brown music video and decided to send her a message via Twitter. There's jet skis, parasailing ... it's a billionaire's private island.' A Florida woman alleges in 2010 Suelyn Medeiros lured her to … In an email to CBC News, her lawyers Jayne Weintraub and Jonathan Etra said, "Ms. Medeiros vehemently denies these false and salacious allegations and looks forward to the court dismissing these baseless claims.". He purchased his 150,000-square-foot beachfront mansion on the Lyford Cay peninsula in New Providence, Bahamas, in 1987. He founded Nygård International , a company that makes women's apparel, in 1967. Nygard, the owner of fashion empire Nygard International who has an estimated net worth just shy of $1billion, is said to have previously hosted several A-listers at the compound, including Prince Andrew, Oprah Winfrey and former president George H.W. Nygard was born in Finland but moved to Winnipeg, Canada, at a young age. There is no evidence to suggest Andrew knew anything about Nygård's alleged activities, but the connection could prove embarrassing for the Prince, who has already faced intense scrutiny for his relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Sarah Ferguson (left) is seen with Nygard, her daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, and Princess Marie-Chantal and Prince Pavious of Greece, in this photo from 1997, The unidentified women are seen wearing next-to-no clothing as they dance on each other, A new lawsuit claims Nygard held weekly 'pamper parties' at his island mansion, where he allegedly had bartenders spike female guest's drinks with the date-rape drug Rohypnol, In other photos from the 2007 party Nygard  is seen at a poker table surrounded by six women, None of the women in the photos have been identified, There is no suggestion that any of the women in the pictures were sexually assaulted by Nygard, or that they have made such complaints. A new lawsuit filed on behalf of 10 anonymous women alleges that Peter Nygard ran a sex trafficking ring at his remote estate in the Bahamas. Ten unidentified women have filed a class-action lawsuit accusing Nygard, 77, of rape and sex trafficking. The suit claims he would approach the targets and invite them to join him in the hot tub or his bedroom, where a rape would then occur. The 79-year-old mogul is currently being held at the city’s Remand Centre, CBC News is reporting. 'This horrific episode is just one of many like it detailed in the complaint against Nygard and his business entities by 10 brave women,' a press release about the lawsuit states. Since joining CBC Manitoba as a reporter in 2013, she has won an award for her work on crowded jails and her investigation into Tina Fontaine's death led to changes in the child welfare system. While Nygard has been accused of sexual misconduct and rape in the past, the latest lawsuit goes further in alleging that he was able to escape punishment by 'resorting to violence, intimidation, bribery, and payoffs' to silence his alleged victims'. She said Medeiros followed her on Twitter and the two started talking. Included in the lawsuit is an image Baram posted to his Myspace page, captioned "Hebrew pimp. EXCLUSIVE: 'No father would want his daughter to wed him!' The woman's identity is protected and she is only referred to as Jane Doe in court documents filed Nov. 12. "Jane Doe eventually awoke on her stomach with her dress pulled up over her waist and her underwear removed," the lawsuit alleges, adding Nygard raped her. Jodi, the store manager was very friendly and she provides A+ customer service! Number 10 is slammed for failing to reveal the number of Brits who've received Pfizer's Covid vaccine so far, Unemployment spikes to 4.9 per cent as a record 370,000 are made redundant in three months, Italy surpasses the UK to record the most coronavirus deaths in Europe, Italy unveils its 1,500 pop-up vaccine pavilions which will be installed around the country. After hearing these tragic stories, we were compelled to act,' said Greg Gutzler, a New York lawyer. Mr. Bacon, 63, has accused … None of the celebrities or other people who visited Nygard at the compound are being accused of knowing anything about what went on there or knowing anything about his parties. Bush. ... (which hid his actual location and number) called my … Bush, and Prince Andrew. His company, Nygard International, produces clothing under ten brand names that are sold in major department stores in Canada and the United States. 'When Nygard became aware of the investigation into his sex trafficking ring, he resorted to tactics of violence, intimidation, bribery and payoffs to attempt to silence the victims and to continue his scheme. Two women who allege Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard raped them when they were teenagers are suing Nygard's so-called "top girlfriend" and "recruiter," and the talent agent and agency representing her. "I was like, 'Oh my gosh, she's so amazing. Bought in 1987, Peter Nygard has poured his creativity to build this 5 acre luxurious piece of jewel. The class action was put on hold in August when a judge presiding over the case in the Southern District of New York entered a stay of proceedings, court records show. The suit alleges that Nygard lured 'young, impressionable, and often impoverished children and women' to his Mayan-themed vacation home in the Bahamas with cash payments and promises to launch their modelling careers. Jay Prober, a lawyer in Winnipeg representing Nygard, told the Globe & Mail the accusations in the class action suit were false. "My adversaries are an upstart law firm just trying to get publicity going after Peter Nygard," said Baram in an email. "Medeiros instructed Jane Doe that she was required to have sex with Nygard against Jane Doe's wishes, stating that she shouldn't worry because sex with Nygard 'wasn't that bad' and would be 'really fast and easy,'" alleges the lawsuit. I want to be like her,'" said Jane Doe. He has been under investigation for … It goes on to say Nygard forced the 18-year-old into his bedroom, held her arms down and raped her. High-flying fashion impresario Peter Nygard has been arrested in Winnipeg. The accusations are made in two separate lawsuits filed in the U.S., in which the women allege the defendants conspired to provide Nygard "with a steady pool of victims.". He Has 7 Children From 4 Different Women. It was once featured on the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. EXCLUSIVE: Snapchat is set to rollout its original show 'Move It!' The lawsuit alleges in 2007, when she was 17, she was lured to New York from Canada under the guise she would become a model and actress, which was her dream. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. Still carrying extra lockdown weight? The women filed a class-action lawsuit against Nygard in the Southern District of New York last Thursday, which claims that he ran a 'sex-trafficking ring' at the island home. Then one day, the model invited the teen to a party she was hosting in Miami, according to the lawsuit. Both are locked in … Investigative Reporter, CBC Manitoba I-Team, Caroline began her career co-hosting an internet radio talk show in Toronto and then worked at various stations in Oshawa, Sudbury and Toronto before landing in Winnipeg in 2007. Nine of the women are from the Bahamas while one is from the United States. Although none of the allegations have been proven in court, Toronto therapist and social worker Shannon Moroney believes the two women — she is counselling them and 23 other alleged Nygard victims. The next morning he allegedly handed Jane Doe $500 US as "payment," according to the lawsuit. 'Nygard's destruction of innocent lives is immeasurable,' it declares. Images of the island which can be rent for 35,000 $ a week can be found here: The lawsuit alleges Baram then took her to Nygard's penthouse in New York knowing she would be raped. Millionaire Nygard, who has links to Prince Andrew, is seen grinning and soaked with sweat as he watches three women dressed in tiny bikinis gyrate against each other inside his private nightclub on the property dubbed Nygard Cay. Three of the women were 14-years-old at the time of the alleged rapes, which took place between 2008 and 2015, while three others were 15. The island lies at the end of Lyford Cay on the island of Nassau, New Providencia. She claims Nygard raped her in 2010 when she was 18, and that Instagram model Suelyn Medeiros was partially to blame for allegedly luring her to the Bahamas. It further claims 'Nygard also paid people, using Nygard Company money, to intimidate his former "girlfriends" by slashing their tires, committing arson, paying police to threaten to arrest them and by having them followed'. and all I can tell them over and over again is Peter Nygard and all those close conspirators are predators," said Moroney. I can't face the world because of that, because I feel like so much light and happiness was taken from me," Jane Doe said in an interview with CBC. 'The facts in this case represent the tip of the iceberg of an international sex trafficking ring that ends today. The 4.5-acre property boasts a 32,000-square-foot grand hall with a 100,000lb glass ceiling, 12 themed cabanas, an aquarium, helipad and casino. The suit says Nygard offered that victim $5,000 before the rape and later offered an additional $10,000 if she defecated in his mouth. The images, obtained exclusively by, were taken in the summer of 2007. 'The Nygard Companies fund all of Nygard's "pamper parties" by transferring cash from the company's bank account in Canada and routing it through New York,' the lawsuit says. "She's like, 'we'll fly you over there and it's amazing. Nygard has also called all of the allegations lies. He said the fashion designer could not have reached so many women and girls on his own, and those who helped him should be punished for their role. His lavish Caribbean estate, Nygard … ', A spokesperson for Nygard (pictured in 2014) called the New York lawsuit 'the latest in a 10+ year string of attempts to try to destroy the reputation of a man through false statements'. Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been indicted on charges of sex-trafficking, racketeering and other crimes involving dozens of women, some of … and I'm Meghan! There is no suggestion that any of the women in the pictures were sexually assaulted by Nygard, or that they have made such complaints. Hell, yeah.' Nygard has been the target of a slew of lawsuits. For years, there were rumours and stories of Peter Nygard’s rowdy parties at his villa in the Bahamas. Peter Nygård has seven children from four different … Here's how to eat better and look after... Make home your castle! the lawsuit requests the scope be extended because the complainants 'were impeded because of a combination of force, threats of force, shame, embarrassment, fear, political and law enforcement corruption, weak laws that are rarely enforced to protect the victim and bribery. To her surprise, Medeiros wrote back. Doe claims Medeiros then told her she was "required to have sex with Nygard." It also alleges Nygard 'initiated a scheme to purchase police protection and political cover in the Bahamas by making regular payments of tens of thousands of dollars to law enforcement, government officials, regulators and even to a former cabinet minister who became the prime minister of the Bahamas.'. On Friday the 13th of March, as Canada went into lockdown, Peter Nygard’s retail fashion empire was still standing, barely. Nygard, who according to the filing is worth approximately $900million, owns homes in New York, California and Florida. Catherine Porter and Kim Barker en route to Peter Nygard’s estate at the tip of New Providence, an island in the Bahamas. The lawsuit claims Baram and Nygard employees gave the teen alcohol, that some of those drinks were spiked with drugs and she became unconscious. There is no evidence to suggest Andrew knew anything about Nygard's alleged activities, but the connection could prove embarrassing for the Prince, who has already faced intense scrutiny for his relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.