One of the biggest names in ATV and UTV tires is ITP Tires. they are hard to mount because of the stiffness of the sidewall. HOLESHOT GNCC. Trouvez vos pneus quad 12" ITP au meilleur prix parmi notre large choix de gommes. The more we use these tires the more we appreciate the traction they offer including in mud and snow. Quad. We are always keeping our eyes open for a good tire to tackle whatever the trail throws at us, and being able to depend on it to get us through. The perfect tire for your lawn – if you hate your lawn and want to tear it to shreds. The ride was rough, not because of the tread design, but because of a lack of flex. Taylor Park, CO is extremely rocky in places, making for a rough ride with plenty of opportunities to puncture a tire. This was extremely noticeable on our utility ATV, and in our opinion would be much less noticeable on a UTV (we will be able to form a better opinion on this in the near future). In celebration of ITP's 30th year of doing business they have release the all new Blackwater Evolution tires. For our application on the Sportsman X2, this was a welcome thing. This tire is seriously tough, with 8-ply construction and Sidewall Armor created to resist the dreaded sidewall puncture. Tenacity® Series. MUD LITE XTR. Taylor Park also has a little mud, lots of water crossings with smooth rocks, and several places with serious hill climbs on loose soil. BAJACROSS. The 27 inch tires would have fit on the stock wheels but not fit back on the machine, and these tires are only offered in 27 inch on 14 inch wheels. One of the things that makes ITP tires so popular is the number of options. A short review on our ITP blackwater evolution tires that we mounted on the 2019 can am outlander 850 max xt. 224,00 EUR . We tested the Black Water Evolutions on our Polaris Sportsman X2 550 right alongside a Polaris Sportsman Touring 550 with the original tires, making the only real differences between the machines the tires and power steering. That’s an easy question to answer. The R-Spec is an evolution of the original six-ply Ultracross, with a more open tread for better grip in mixed terrain. It is nice to hit the trail and know you can tackle almost any terrain without worry. Though the handling down the trails was spot on, the ride was rough. We brought the news to our readers as soon as we received the press release on those tires, and secretly had a crush on them from the moment we got a glimpse of the photo. When holding them one in each arm, they felt very similar in weight. There seem to be some tire manufacturers making tires now that do great on most terrain and pretty darn well in mud and snow. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. 89.00 € Pneu K 299 Bear Claw. Not Yet Reviewed. Starting with the eight-ply construction you have a radial tire that should by all means take everything from a sharp rock to a grenade to the tread and keep moving. With there being such a wide range of machines and terrain types, picking a suitable replacement tire can be tricky. What really surprised people was just how well the TerraCross did in snow. Pneu quad ITP HOLESHOT ATR 25x10x12 . Conduite souple, excellente tenue de route, construction radiale à 8 plis. sizes are 26x9-12 and 26x11-12. We brought the news to our readers as soon as we received the press release on those tires, and secretly had a crush on them from the moment we got a glimpse of the photo. Six-ply construction keeps the weight down while still being plenty puncture resistant. It is a belted radial that is DOT certified and designed to grab traction in a wide range of terrain types. They were lighter than the stock rims but I do not know exactly how much. The same goes for the Mayhem mud tires and the Holeshot Sport ATV tires. À partir de : 85,75 $ Ajouter au panier. Read More . The lineage of the Blackwater tire goes back a long ways to the famed off-road race in West Virginia. ITP Holeshot HD With so much of the ATV emphasis on utility and trail machines, it can be easy to forget the sport quad scene, but there are a ton of Sport ATVs out there. It has 6-play radial construction and even with the amount of tread on the tire, it feels light and has excellent floatation, helping it grab traction like crazy. They are not MUD BOG TIRES, but they do exceptionally well in the mud and snow for all-terrain tires. I'm going to try them first, I'll do some clutch work if need be. ITP Tires have been in production since 1982 and have been one of the leaders in ATV tire production since that time. The BH was 29 pounds. It’s a non-directional, eight-ply, all-terrain radial available in 25-, 26-, 27- and 30-inch sizes for 12-inch rims, and 27-, 28- and 30-inch sizes for 14-inch rims and in 30x10R15. 11322. Conduite souple, excellente tenue de route, construction radiale à 8 plis. ITP’s SS Alloy wheels have come standard with a lifetime structural warranty for years-an industry first, as a matter of fact-and that applies to the SS216 as well, Bright machined finish with black accents, topped with a durable clear coat. Ajouter à la liste d'envies | Ajouter au comparateur; ITP MUD LITE XTR. FREE Shipping! This is evidenced by the fact they are 8-ply tires and by the sizes that are offered. In practicality the sidewall is the weakest part of the tire, as it is the part with the fewest plys. Part Number: ITP-6P0062. ITP BLACKWATER EVOLUTION. Everything you need to conquer the world’s most challenging terrain. ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial ATV Tires. I also installed Tusk wheel spacers on the front and rear because I didn't have enough clearance on the front tires. Pneu ITP Blackwater Evolution. ITP Black Water Evolution 26X11 R12 59M. So the only thing to do was to get these tires to flex! Quad Utilitaire ITP. The Sportsman X2 and Touring ATVs have a bracket in a spot preventing much bigger tires from fitting. Pneu ART Top Dog. It is a smooth-riding tire that hooks up well in mud, snow and sand. ITP Black Water Evolution 26X11 R12 59M. 174,00 EUR . Quad Utilitaire ITP. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 30, 2013. anybody out there running this in stock rzr s sizes? Let’s face it; most of us simply need more tire than those that come on our new ATV or UTV when it rolls off the showroom floor. À partir de : 162,41 $ Ajouter au panier. Non-directional tread design provides awesome traction while maintaining a smooth ride and precise, balanced handling. sizes are 26x9-12 and 26x11-12. Pneu quad ITP TERRACROSS 26X9X12 . FREE Shipping by Amazon . The lineage of the Blackwater tire goes back a long ways to the famed off-road race in West Virginia. OEM SKU. It’s 6-ply construction resists punctures and it just wants to eat mud and spit out smiles. 88. ITP BLACKWATER EVOLUTION. I just ordered a set of ITP Blackwater Evolution tires, 27 x 9-12 for the front, 27 x 11-12 for the rear. Tire, Blackwater Evolution, 27 x 9.00-14, Radial, Yellow Letters, Each. Pneu ITP Blackwater Evolution. Exclusive “Sidewall Armor™” protects the vulnerable shoulder area from penetration, greatly increasing reliability. This came about when ITP merged with Carlisle Tires many years ago. Achetez vos pneus ITP chez . Being located in Tennessee gives the engineers a great location for testing and developing tires that work in everything from mud, to rocks and much more. Twister® The first and only directional wheel in the market to showcase consistent forward facing spokes on a... More Details. Our Polaris Sportsman X2 550 didn’t have power steering, so when moving the front wheels standing still, it took some effort. i asked them on response to them from customers. Évaluation: 100 % of 100. INSANT ONLINE QUOTE Call us on 604 576-1882 Retour en haut . Évaluation: 100 % of 100. Tenacity XSR. I added a … Earlier this year, ITP released its new version of its Black Water ATV tire, renaming it the Black Water Evolution. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Earlier this year, ITP released its new version of its Black Water ATV tire, renaming it the Black Water Evolution. They are 6-ply tough and very durable. Pneu quad ITP XTR Mudlite 27X9X12 . We love testing tires though I can’t say exactly why, and from the moment the Black Water Evolutions arrived we knew these tires were going to be a great all-terrain. Check Out This Insane Homemade ATV + Video, Exploring South Dakota’s Black Hills in a Yamaha Wolverine + Video, How To Replace a U-Joint on Your ATV or UTV + Video. Read More . 95.00 € Pneu Drag'on Mud. 185,00 EUR . 15.00 LBS Availability. The rims I went with were STI HD3 rims with 6+1 offset, 4/156. The difference in traction was staggering. Enter your ZIP code below to search for ATV dealers near you. So picking the right ITP tire for your machine means you need to know exactly what type of terrain you ride in most often and use that as your starting point for making your selection. Estimated Ship Date: 12/14/2020 if ordered today. The TerraCross R/T XD offers much greater durability and reliability, resulting in a much higher-mileage tire; Specially designed 14-inch sizes make the TerraCross R/T the new standard in side-by-side UTV tires. The choices are plentiful in recent years with more tires always being released. 174,00 EUR . Retour en haut . 95.00 € Pneu ART Slogger. Here is a look at some of the popular models of ITP tires for your ATV and UTV. Our Blackwater Evolution tires came mounted on ITP’s own SS212 aluminum rims, which give the complete package look for the tire. I just went on a short ride and every thing was great. #TEAMITP Racks Up Two Desert Racing Podiums . HOLESHOT SR. HOLESHOT XCR. Matching SS™ center cap is included with every wheel. It thrives in desert and rocky terrain, and will do well in hardpack  and root-filled eastern trails, too. The Versa Cross is another DOT-approved, belted radial for high performance UTVs. À partir de : 85,75 $ Ajouter au panier. A standout performer on ATVs as well! This is the tire for the rider that sees a slimy, nasty mudhole that others are avoiding and thinks, “Oh yeah…”2- inch deep, directional tread helps this beastly tire dig into the nastiest muck and claw its way through to the other side and back again. 11322. The steering seemed much more responsive but i did think that the ride was a bit rougher. Surrey, BC unit 113-19289 Langley By-Pass, V3S 6K1. Dimensions Pneu Qté. [CDATA[ They seem to reach out and grab whatever you take them over. HOLESHOT MXR6. I just went on a short ride and every thing was great. ITP BLACKWATER EVOLUTION. Design innovant, non directionnel, pour une formidable traction Pilotage souple, grande maniabilité grâce à la structure radiale 8 plis Spécifiquement conçu pour les SSV Composition résistante offrant une résistance Quadyland, spécialiste quad et SSV depuis 1995. The tread pattern is nothing exactly like we have seen, but it looks good and better yet it works very well. The lightweight, one-piece aluminum SS216 is as aggressive as it looks. Original ATVESCAPE.COM Black Water Evolution Press Release- ITP Black Water Evolution Tires, //