The last two men with the title have died while on duty and if Tara Chace gets out of this mission alive, she may make sure rookie agent Chris Lankford makes it three for three! Ridley Scott is in talks to adapt the Queen and Country comic books for 20th Century Fox. It's up to Minders Tara Chace and Tom Wallace to complete a new mission that will determine the roll of future operations in this new world order. Private Wars takes place a few months after the end of the comic series and ends the first volume of the series. The writer of DC'c OMAC Project and Wonder Woman is joined by the acclaimed artist Capote in Kansas for a brand new story arc! With Denzel Washington, Dorian Healy, Sean Chapman, Graham McTavish. MATURE READERS. and on the web since 1996. In London, the Minders face a shift in their ranks. By Greg Rucka & Chris Samnee. - Search Form Search. The shocking conclusion to the fourth story arc! With a cruel, keen edge, this taut social drama slices deeply into Thatcher's England to expose a grim underbelly of racism, cynicism and despair. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers The department is hit hard, both home and abroad! Queen & Country is an Oni Press comic book and Bantam Publishing novel series written by Greg Rucka about a group of spies in the Special Operations Section of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6), called "Minders". Wallace, Kittering, and their Afghani undercover agent, Avasti, are in downtown Kabul, looking for the information list hidden by one of SIS's top informants before he was executed by Taliban forces. Intelligence Agent Tara Chace is off to Cairo to find the group responsible for this potential attack, while her compatriot Tom Wallace is in Sarajevo in an attempt to find another piece to the plan. Cover price $2.99. Cover price $2.99. We’ve been selling comics since 1961 (our first sale: Fantastic Four #1 at $0.25, see one of our first ads) More than three years after the series debut, it's time for spy Tara Chace to get away, and what better way than with a trip to Switzerland? MATURE READERS b&w, 32pgs. Queen & Country: Declassified last ... Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. b&w, 32pgs. MATURE READERS b&w, … Hysteria is just as manic as the name implies. She takes on dangerous missions while also dealing with bureaucracy and politics. Greg Rucka peels back the lid on the traditional espionage story to reveal the nastiness inside, and Steve Rolston brings it to life with stunning clarity. Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom #4: 08 Jul 2020 Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom #5: 21 Oct 2020 Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom #6: 02 Dec 2020 Series of limited series. The conclusion of Carla Speed McNeil's run on Q&C! Ed Kittering knew the job was dangerous. With section director Paul Crocker in America, Tom Wallace is in charge, and one of the Queen's wealthiest subjects is in trouble in France. Whichever, it's up to Tara to follow the bloody trail to its source! By Greg Rucka & Carla Speed McNeil. The project is based on Greg Rucka's graphic novel series of the same name, which was published from 2001-2007. Queen and Country (film), a 2014 British film. First Issue #1 - November 2002 Last #3 - January 2003. 32 pages, B&W. It's a race against time, as their illegal presence in Afghanistan could be detected at any moment, and the key to their finding what they need is thousands of miles away. The final issue in the first arc of Greg Rucka's ongoing espionage series takes a dramatic turn, as hard lessons are learned about the reality of international intrigue. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Scripts for this four-issue story-arc, with author comments, are published in The Queen & Country … A film adaptation is in development, but has been stranded in development hell for some time. For those unfamiliar with Queen & Country, it's a spy series created by novelist and comic book writer Greg Rucka centered around Tara Chace, a operative of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. $3.32. British espionage operative Tara Chace is the best there is at what she does, and what she ... (Detective Comics) and artist Steve Rolston is an edge-of-your-seat thriller every couple of months. The second story line of Greg Rucka's acclaimed Queen & Country is illustrated by newcomer Rebecca Woods, with painted covers by John K. Snyder III (Dr. Mid-Nite). After the devastating effects of the last story arc, how will Tara pick up the pieces of her crumbling life as a spy for her Queen Majesty? Steven Birch at Servo credited with "book design." Auction in progress, bid now! And even if the British agents manage to overcome this hurdle and stop their enemies from collecting the bounty on Tara's head, will there be any guarantee that they'll be able to punish the terrorists properly before bureaucratic red tape ties their hands further? Written by Greg Rucka. MATURE THEMES. Queen Country Issue 10 Comments Select Chapter => Queen Country Issue 9 Queen Country Issue 8 Queen Country Issue 7 Queen Country Issue 6 Queen Country Issue 5 Queen Country Issue 4 Queen Country Issue 32 Queen Country Issue 31 Queen Country Issue 30 Queen Country Issue 3 Queen Country Issue 29 Queen Country Issue 28 Queen Country … 15% OFF. By Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez. By Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez. A retired British soldier struggles to adjust to everyday life, with increasing difficulty. By Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez. Cover price $2.99. Everything related to print comics (comic books, graphic novels, and strips) and web comics. By Greg Rucka & Chris Samnee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Chris Lankford, the newest addition to Special Operations' team of Minders, is in a bit of a bind. 1", is also available (ISBN 1929998929). Exterminators #8. original price. Tara Chace is the only one who can unravel the puzzle, and she is back in England, wrestling with her personal demons. MATURE READERS. Elsewhere, in the former USSR, Lasha Karpin (son of Declassified's Valery) is the victim of a kidnapping plot! Wallace and Kittering are being sent to Afghanistan to look for the information hidden by David MacMillan before the Taliban arrested him as a suspected spy. b&w, 32pgs. Queen & Country is an American comic book published by Oni Press and written by Greg Rucka with various artists illustrating. Following the events in New York and Washington DC on September 11, 2001, the world of international intelligence has changed dramatically. b&w, 32pgs. New customers save up to 25%, use code: New4 Cover by Tim Sale. Nov 11, 2018 - Looks like Ridley Scott has found a comic book that he wants to adapt into a feature film. But how can Tara and the other Minders do this without turning London into a battleground, or without violating MI5 orders not Queen and Country (artwork), an artwork by Steve McQueen on the Iraq War. Featuring pin-ups by Steve Rolston, Mike Oeming, and more! Cover price $2.99. Artists are … Queen & Country #12 . The main character is Tara Chace, Minder Two. And before SIS pays Youssef a penny, they must verify his claims - something they can't do by themselves. page d'accueil de The Queen Comic World dédié au groupe de rock Queen vu à travers la BD,Comic sous le crayon de Jef,incluant la bande dessinée Queen préfacée par Brian May 25 most recent sales for each grade. Hawthorne tells tales of malicious madmen, courageous cops, charming chupacabras, and the peculiar Port Asteria they all call home! Queen & Country #14 Analyzer Modeler. New artist! By Greg Rucka & Jason Alexander. Available For Pull List! Will she reach the right conclusion before it's too late? By Greg Rucka & Mike Hawthorne. Ridley Scott is ready to get himself into the world of espionage. The pieces of a major terrorist plot are all coming together in this grand finale of the third Queen & Country arc. ADD TO CART . Book two of a four book fantasy adventure book series for kids. An all-new tale of espionage and adventure from Greg Rucka, the award- b&w, 32pgs. Cover price $5.99. This is the current issue, … Cover price $2.99. Book one, Operation: Broken Ground, introduces Tara Chace, one of three Minders (operatives) for the Special Section of the British Ministry of … MATURE THEMES. MATURE READERS. Cover by Brian Hurtt. Queen & Country, Vol. We Buy Comics; Track My Order; Gift Cards; Prev Issue. The first spin-off from the award-winning Queen & Country graphic novel series takes readers back in time to the mid-'80s. b&w, 32pgs. Tara and the department welcome a new Minder into the fold! Minders Tara Chace and Nicholas Poole should be enjoying some R&R after a successful mission... but that's not really Tara's luck, is it? Cover price $2.99. MATURE READERS. Can Tara prevent this dirty deal without the video going public? The series is known for a few things: the ridiculous … The novels tie in to the comic series; issue 29 to 32 depicts events immediately after A Gentleman's Game. By Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez. A Queen & Country prose novel written by Rucka, A Gentleman’s Game, was published in 2004, also featuring Tara Chace and making reference to the events of the comic book series. The writing and art is pretty solid throughout this first volume, but unfortunately it just wasn't my cup of tea. Queen & Country #31 . Queen and Country follows Tara Chance, an operative of the fictional British Secret Intelligence Service who is used as bait to lure an international terrorist. b&w, 32pgs. MATURE READERS. ends Monday December 28! Cover price $2.95. b&w, 32pgs. 15% OFF. Tara is walking dangerous ground, as not only is the accuracy of Youseff's information in question, but so are his motives. … Please Select A Grade. Mature Readers. Cover price $2.95. Save 40% from the prices below Get code. Can the rookie pull it together before it's too late? Cover price $2.99. from hiding, and this means using Tara as bait. Directed by John Boorman. Queen & Country: Operation Broken Ground won the 2002 Eisner Award for Best New Series. It's the thrilling conclusion to the "Operation: Crystal Ball" story arc courtesy of Greg Rucka (Black Widow, Whiteout) and Leandro Fernandez (Spider-Man's Tangled Web)! MATURE READERS. Very Fine: $2.96. Queen & Country: Operation Broken Ground won the 2002 Eisner Award for Best New Series. Update to Fox comic book film, Queen & Country. Plus, what has Ed so depressed and what does his gloom mean for Tara? b&w, 48pgs. In Afghanistan, the Taleban Militia has arrested foreign reporters as suspected spies. A second Tara Chace novel, Private Wars, was published in 2005. By Greg Rucka & Steve Rolston. The shocking and bloody events of Red Panda continue in this new issue written by Greg Rucka (52, Checkmate) and drawn by Russ Manning Award nominee, Chris Samnee! Operation: Red Panda is on the horizon, but first agent Tara Chace must deal with the aftermath of her previous wetwork. b&w, 32pgs. Will Crocker and his Minders solve the puzzle before the terrorist plot comes to fruition or will the international intelligence community be dealt another devastating blow? In London, the MI6 building, the center of British intelligence, has been attacked! See all formats and editions. MATURE READERS. It's down to Ed to verify Tara Chace's lead on a possible terrorist threat, and the only way to do that is dropping down in the middle of Northern Iraq. Scripts for this four-issue story-arc, with author comments, are published in The Queen & Country … ADDED . Queen Cómics. Written by Greg Rucka. A Steve Rude Superman Watercolour (full figure, 11x17) 2. After all, you can't take knives to the OK Corral and not get your head blown off! Sure, she still has appointments with the staff psychologist to discuss any trauma following her run-in with the Russian Mafia, but that doesn't really scratch the itch. b&w, 32pgs. Cover price $2.95. The conclusion of the second Queen & Country story arc brings the end of a dangerous game. By Greg Rucka & Mike Norton. MATURE READERS. Queen & Country #24 Analyzer Modeler. MATURE READERS b&w, 32pg$2.95 To find the kidnapped Karpin in T'blisi, agents Chace and Minder Three arrive in what was once Russia to find unfriendly locals who don't mind showing off their guns. Queen and Country is a spy thriller that is set in a fi For mature readers only. By Greg Rucka & Mike Hawthorne. Find the value of the Oni Press comic Queen & Country volume 1. A third Queen & Country novel, The Last Run, was released in October 2010. They deal specifically with the past missions of various characters. b&w, 32pgs. And with nothing but circumstantial evidence and four-day-old intelligence, can Crocker's team piece together the details of this terrorist plot before it can be executed? FIELD AGENTS DESIGNATE MINDER-1, MINDER-2 RETURNING AT ONC? MATURE READERS b&w, 32pgs. The second story line of Greg Rucka's acclaimed Queen & Country is illustrated by newcomer Rebecca Woods, with painted covers by John K. Snyder III (Dr. Mid-Nite). Grade Price List Price Discount; Near Mint: $3.33 $3.92. By Greg Rucka & Carla Speed McNeil. By Mike Hawthorne. current price. By Greg Rucka & Carla Speed McNeil. Set in the mid … Current price per issue is $3.99. "Queen and Country", song of the 1974 album, War Child, by Jethro Tull. to use guns? b&w, 32pgs. In this sequel to Hope and Glory (1987), Bill Rohan has grown up and is drafted into the army, where he and his eccentric best mate, Percy, battle the… The life of Queen Victoria – in a comic! b&w, 32pgs. Is he just out for money? View the comic strip for New Adventures of Queen Victoria by cartoonist Pab Sungenis created December 23, 2020 available on Cover price $2.95. The man responsible for executing this despicable blackmail scheme steps forward with the truth, but will it be enough to stop the French from following through on their threat? MATURE READERS. MATURE READERS. Check out more Queen Victoria facts in this comic … Though she’s a devout DC Comics fan, Emma nevertheless considers herself a plain old comic book, who first fell in love with the medium at an early age. Mature Readers. A rogue terrorist has fired a missile into the offices from right across the street and gotten away clean. Rucka also wrote a previous script draft for the film adaptation, as did such writers as Ryan J. Condal (Colony) … Comic Queen. Queen and Country, based on the Oni Press comic book from writer Greg Rucka, follows a British spy named Tara Chace who's an operative of "the Minders," a Special Operations Section of SIS (Mi6). b&w, 32pgs. By Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez. Mackintosh is heavily praised in an essay by Rucka in Issue #1 of Queen & Country. b&w, 32pgs. Crocker is faced with a decision that could end his career - abort and recall Chace... or take the heat, and let her run. What is your Queen & Country comic book worth? b&w, 32pgs. MATURE READERS. $3.48. Cover price $2.95. For Queen and … The Minders have to launch a daring mission on the Taleban's turf to either rescue their source or find where he stashed the goods. By Greg Rucka & Mike Norton Minder.