Geranium (jer-AY-ni-um) Cranesbill - These Geraniums are hardy perennials, excellent for the rock garden and the border. Geranium 'Brookside' (Cranesbill) Combining grace and reliability, award-winning Geranium 'Brookside' is a very desirable border plant which provides long-lasting color in the garden. A dwarf cranesbill such as 'Carol' breathes life into crevices and other difficult to plant pockets in the garden in late spring and summer with wine-colored flowers and grayish-green foliage. Share. I'm wondering about companion plants. Though it prefers moist, well-drained soil, it will tolerate periods of drought once established. Remember that watering needs will increase but soil coverage by companion planting acts as a mulch to protect the soil. Companion Plants: Delphinium, Phlox, Campanula, Lupine. They have attractive foliage which is very deeply lobed. More. Pot Type: 5.5" Colour: pink. Common Name: Cranesbill. Great Design Plant: 'Rozanne' Cranesbill Try this vigorous scrambling beauty as a ground cover or container plant for captivating garden color all summer long. Water this living wall thoroughly the first season until plants establish a deep root system. 2308. Companion planting is a traditional and natural way to deter pests from crops that you are growing and to attract good insects such as hoverflies, lacewings and ladybirds which are the best natural predators of aphids and whitefly. Geranium is a variable genus of hardy perennials that offers up profusely blooming plants for many situations. Click here to find out more. Someone suggested Cranesbill Geraniums awhile back, though I'm not familiar with these plants. 'Carol' also makes a rock wall into a vertical garden when you plant small divisions between gaps. Use in: flower beds, embankments, borders, rose companion, under wood planting, cottage garden, flower garden, inner courtyard, natural garden, rose garden, forest garden. Bloom Time: Summer Geranium Geranium. Save Comment 24 Like 30. Geranium x 'Rozanne' SKU. So far, I've come across pics of interplantings with Iris and daylilies, and the combos are very pretty. Wild geranium is the showiest of the native geraniums with larger flowers than the other … Companion planting is a garden planting technique that involves using different species of plants in the same area for the benefit and increased productivity of all. From late spring to mid-autumn, open clusters of salmon-pink, funnel-shaped blooms appear, fading to blush as they mature. Botanical name. I'd like to interplant these to make it more interesting. see more; Family Geraniaceae . Hardy Geranium specialist for over 25 years. Height: 20 cm, 30 cm. Cut back by as much as half to encourage new growth and blooms. As a companion for roses and larkspur, however, the gorgeous cranesbill (Geranium x magnificum) with its large blue-violet flowers found more favour. Height: 12-24 Inches. It is found in most of Wisconsin except for a few of the northern counties. Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8. Over 100 types of hardy geraniums for sale in the UK. Plant characteristics and classification of dusky cranesbill As the growing season wears on they can become leggy and benefit from a good pruning around mid-summer. Choose Sunlight: Sun: Part Shade: Shade: 2. Plants prefer some part afternoon shade in the St. Louis area. We’re talking about hardy Geraniums, not the better-known, anything-but-subtle Pelargo­ni­ums. Be the first to review this product . Garden care: In midsummer rejuvenate plants that are beginning to look jaded, by removing old flowered stems and leaves. Bee and insect friendly: Yes. Medium green foliage is lightly marbled with chartreuse and provides a wonderful background to this garden star. Very shade and drought tolerant. Geranium 'Elke', Cranebill 'Elke', Geranium sanguineum 'Elke', Bloody cranesbill 'Elke' Genus. Print. A vigorous and long flowering cranesbill, that forms attractive clumps of deeply divided, noticeably veined, evergreen foliage. Plants Cranesbill Geranium Herbaceous Perennials Geraniums Rose Companion Plants Pretty Plants Plant Combinations Fragrant Garden Perfect Plants How to Grow Cranesbill Geranium | Gardener’s Path A garden classic, the cranesbill geranium is a hardy, carefree perennial that adds pretty, pastel flowers to the garden all summer. Species. Dusky cranesbill, Geranium phaeum, is a fantastic cranesbill geranium, useful for growing in shade. Cranesbill Growing and Maintenance Tips: Full sun and average garden soil with even moisture, including clay soils, are suitable for this hardy geranium. Alternatively it also makes the perfect companion for one of our favourite cranesbill geraniums - 'Rozanne'. Tel: 01684 770 733. Home Plants Bareroot Plants Barrow. Prefers moist, organic soils. Cranesbill Growing and Maintenance Tips: Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Established plants have some drought tolerance. Email Save Comment 4. Geranium endressii 'Wargrave Pink' - dark green foliage and light pink flowers, supposedly a nice companion to roses. Height: 30cm (12"). Meadow cranesbill, Common cranesbill, Crowfoot, Meadow geranium, Wild geranium. Find help and information on Geranium pratense 'Blue Chip' Meadow cranesbill Cranesbill Hardy, including varieties and pruning advice. Easily divided in early spring or fall. Any other suggestions, recommendations? Height: 12-18 in. Your Barrow. Nice fall color in shades of bronze and red. Showing all 4 results. Houzz Contributor. Good companion planting can keep the roots of your rose bushes cooler! Genus. Edible flowers are great for decorating cakes, sprinkling over salads and so on. Choose Height: Short <12" Medium 12-24" Tall >24" 13 plants. Pricing; Join free ; Sign in; Login Login. Geranium maculatum is an herbaceous perennial native to deciduous woodlands of eastern North America, from southern Ontario south to Georgia and west to eastern Oklahoma and the eastern part of the Dakotas in zones 3 to 8. Cranesbill can take a year or two to really hit their stride, so new plants with low flower count might just be ‘late bloomers’ – production should improve next year. Grid view List view. Thanks for the feedback. 1. Rozanne provides an incredible display of showy, blue-violet flowers from early spring through to the first frost. Initially, the plant was mainly rock cranesbill (Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Spessart’), an undemanding, fast-growing and also wintergreen species, but with rather modest white flowers. It forms a dense, weed-suppressing matt of green, deeply lobed leaves with distinctive purple blotches around the centre, from which small, nodding, purple flowers with yellow centres appear on tall stems, from late spring to early summer. Winter hardiness: hardy, USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: 3-5. Different colours, species, growing seasons, and aromas from a variety of plants can confuse pests, and make your entire garden more resilient than one that features a single variety of blooms. In many species the foliage provides excellent red fall color. Geranium pratense. Plant hardy geraniums in any well drained soil, in sun or shade. Email * Password * Forgot/reset password. Cranesbill. Rozanne Cranesbill. Geranium Geranium. In Stock Add to cart . Spread: 24-30 in. Some ideas for Companion Planting With Roses Hardy Geranium or Cranesbill. Facebook. Growing Geranium (Cranesbill) Latin Name Pronunciation: jer-ay'nee-um . Twitter. Rose Companion Plants Cranesbill Geranium Blue Geranium Geraniums Hardy Geranium Purple Flowers Plants Perennials Rabbit Resistant Plants. It is fairly adaptable to a variety of growing conditions. This is one of the few geraniums that can take the heat in summer. Email. Spread: 12-24 Inches. Rozanne does not set seed, thus the long blooming period. Spread: 30cm (12") Codes 6 geranium jumbo plug plants (KB7954) 3 geranium jumbo plug plants (KB7953) How to Grow. One of the longest flowering dwarf selections to date. ; Geranium macrorrhizum (Bigroot Geranium) 'Bevan's Variety' - large foliage with deep pink flowers. Smells pleasantly of pine when the foliage is crushed. X Login to your Shoot account. Cranesbill is a long bloomer and a great companion plant. Ideal for edging or groundcover use and also a good choice for tubs or mixed containers. Cranesbill Nursery - the hardy geranium specialist. It is ideal for planting large areas of trees. You may also like… Sedum reflexum 'Angelina' - Angelina Stonecrop (3.5" Pot) $ 6.99. Buy Geranium 'Rozanne' from Sarah Raven: The best of the violet-blue perennial geraniums for a pot or in the border. Search Search. Variety or Cultivar 'Elke' _ 'Elke' is a compact, mat forming, herbaceous perennial with rounded, deeply-lobed, mid-green leaves and, from early summer to early autumn, small, cup-shaped, veined, bright purple-pink flowers, paler at the petal margins. Genus Geranium can be annuals, biennials and perennials, herbaceous or evergreen, with rounded, usually palmately lobed or divided leaves, and lax inflorescences of rounded, 5-petalled flowers . The lobed foliage can be as interesting as the flowers, which come in vibrant as well as more subdued shades of true blue, lavender, pinks and white. Embed. True Geraniums are sturdy yet refined, with 5-petaled flowers borne on dainty stems close to the palmately divided leaves. Karen Chapman June 14, 2013. find_in_page Identify a plant. Other names. Spacing: 50 cm. This terrific German hybrid Cranesbill forms a fast-spreading mound of dark green leaves, bearing small magenta-pink flowers from early summer through fall. Cranesbill Border Position: Front, Middle Soil Type: Neutral Scent: Unscented Site: Full Sun, Part Shade: Moisture: Moist but Well-drained, Well-drained Height: 60cm (24in) Spacing: 75cm (30in) Sowing, Seeds, Planting: Plant out in spring or autumn. Hardiness Zone: 4 - 7.